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Golan Heights Winery
Road Tankers
Milk Cooling Tanks
Filtering Device

A filtering column, developed by Bateman with R...

Air Filtering Device
CleanTech device to clean air, developed by Regev ...
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The largest Milk Cooling Tank in the Middle East

Regev Stainless Steel Industries manufactured a Milk Cooling Tank in a capacity of 44,000 Liters for Na'an-Shoval Dairy Farm.

The tank is the largest ever made in the Middle East and includes 7 cooling units.

Regev Tank Installed in Tempo

"Regev" sainless steel liquid sugar storage silo, at volume of 120,000 liters was installed in Tempo.

Tempo is Israel leading manufacturer of juices, from the group of Coca-Cola, Heineken and etc.

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