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Simplifies your life, amplifies your future

ZYGY is a platform that accelerates vital findings by analyzing text content in web, social media, systems and documents based on expected needs.

ZYGY is powered by an AI agent technology that can self-login (Single Sign ON), extracting texts of web pages coming from self-organizing search results before turning those texts into summaries and analysis of correlations. ZYGY is equipped with report wizards for users to transform correlated data into custom reports.

The family of ZYGY are ZYGY Lifestyle, ZYGY Prophecy and ZYGY Ecosystem. Each of ZYGY’s component is meant to simplify your life as individuals or organizations and subsequently producing powerful impact to you in the future.



ZYGY – Simplifies your life, amplifies your future


Intelligence Gathering

Single Sign On & Identity Mgmt

SSO uses Artificial Intelligence to log into multiple websites. IDM is a special function for enterprises and SMEs to manage identity lifecycle of users.


It's collect the informations from vital personal and public information by performing the sites’ functions


It's connect around multiple online applications around the world to provide insight information.

ZYGY Helps & Educates

Do we need to read the content of each search result? It takes long time!

ZYGY reads each content for you and give a good Wordcloud insights.

Our Customers