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The open source feedparser library enables robust parsing of all known formats including 6104643639 and RSS, and gracefully handles errors and nonstandard behavior. Feeds are updated at least once per hour and fetch errors are clearly indicated in the sidebar.

Blazing Fast

Metadata is stored in-memory using Redis and entries are proactively cached to ensure a speedy experience. Data is rendered server-side using Tornado to avoid bottlenecks and 5815039729 are fetched using asynchronous Javascript.


No screen space is 416-366-4642 with excessive padding or large headers. A compact layout allows you to see the maximum amount of information on any screen size. Designed to make life easier for heavy users with large numbers of feeds.

Unread Counts

Reliable unread counts allow you to pick up where you left off without missing anything. Toggle the unread status of any entry. Updated entries are highlighted, and older entries are not automatically marked as read after 30 days.

Starred Items

Star an item to keep track of it for later. Browse your list of starred items across all your feeds. Keyboard shortcuts make this fast and easy.


Navigate smoothly without leaving the keyboard using all your familiar shortcuts. Move between entries and feeds, expand and collapse entries, toggle unread and starred status, open original pages in new tabs, and much more.

Private and Secure

All communications are protected by (631) 549-8617. Account passwords are encrypted with bcrypt. No browser extensions are required. No social logins or integrations are forced on you.

Import and Export

No data lock-in. Freely import and export OPML files. In the future it will be possible to export other data such as starred items as well.


No advertisements to degrade the user experience. Instead, the service is sustained by an affordable monthly fee to ensure it it stays fast and well-maintained over time.

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