The Introduction

At BlackLabel Security we do consulting & implementations for a wide range of IT challenges to help your business grow or keep your family connection safe.

At the end of the day we want you to be secure.
Avoid being a cybercrime >Statistic< by acting now. Give us a shout!

We maintain responsive skills and techniques to help you stay online and stay safe. Built on threat & risk analysis,vulnerability, and penetration testing we find the weaknesses before the attackers do. Locking down your network, servers, and work stations gives you the ability to be in complete control of ingress and egress. With scrutinized network security monitoring in place you will have the ability to detect and prevent attackers from entering and damaging your infrastructure.

We want to protect what you represent.

The Details

The Briefing

We take Cyber Security seriously and so should you.


Getting feedback is important to us so we want to hear from you. If you loved our services or thought there were areas we could impove in, let us know! e-mail us at:

We Don't Stop

Due to the nature of the technology industry we are always in a fast paced environment. There are constantly new and emerging threats that pose risk to you and your clients. We fight 365 days a year to defend networks and devices to keep integrity through your IT department.


We add jobs that we complete to a portfolio at the client's consent. We enjoying building our portfolio to show you what we can do and also to show other companies how well things are working for you! In brief, we have done everything from physical security audit on car dealerships to creating Network Security Monitoring systems completely opensource for mid-size businesses. It doesn't matter if you use a Linux environment or a Microsoft Active Directory environment, we can help you find the weak spots.

Gearing Up

Even though we are a startup we are emerging quickly, not only are we growing fast but we are gearing up for our big push into the industry. Our focus is mainly in residential, small, and medium sized businesses. If you or you know someone who needs services or just more information about cyber security, give us a shout.

We work hard!

If you're worried about hiring a company that won't complete the job, don't worry. On average we are online 18 hours a day and you can always get in touch with us via email or phone. Remember, we are here to work for you!

Gold Stamp of Approval

Our team lead is a new graduate in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics but trained by the best. Our mentor is former military with a background of law enforcement and active in the government intelligence sector. With 5 years experience we are still a startup with some tricks up our sleeve.

The Endorsements


General IT & troubleshooting for Sienese

York Region Home Inspections

General IT, troubleshooting,implementations.


General IT, troubleshooting,implementations.