We have a 30-year history of crafting and implementing surveys to evaluate the working systems at hospitals and medical groups across the country. We work with executives and hospital management to create tailored surveys for employees, physicians and staff and provide readable and actionable results designed to improve the culture for more efficient and effective medical services.

"Our 2014 employee survey was one of many factors our Board considered in making these strategic decisions. So we are certainly interested in hearing back from our employees in 2015."
                       Director of Patient Experience

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Employee Survey

The Employee Survey identifies leadership priorities throughout an organization so that improvement in the overall culture can be achieved. The survey process becomes an on-going data system that supports your efforts to listen and respond to the individual employee's perceptions and critical issues. We begin the process by creating a custom survey instrument for your organization. Through communication with your representatives, we design the most productive, efficient tool to measure the perceptions of your entire employee group. A wide ranging choice of measurement categories and statements is available from which to focus on your organization's most immediate issues.

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Physician Survey

The Physician Survey measures the degree of Physician agreement with the Hospital's strategies, work relationships and standards of service excellence for the Physician. Through a range of measurement categories and comprehensive results reporting, the survey provides insights into your organization's improvement priorities in the critical area of Physician-Hospital relations. To develop your custom survey, we assist you in selecting those measurement categories and statements that best address your specific concerns/issues.


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Medical Staff Survey

The Medical Staff Survey assists in identifying relationship breakdowns within the physician community. It provides the following benefits to both organizations as a whole and Medical Staff members specifically: Identifies the potential for lost referrals Identifies perceived quality concerns Identifies weak areas for recruitment Provides an overall evaluation of the Medical Staff - by the Medical Staff It can also be used as a method for evaluating hospital-based physician performance. The purpose of this survey is to measure the current level of satisfaction each physician has with other physicians/physician departments with whom they interact. If your Medical Staff has stated service expectations in place, we will work with you to develop statements to best measure how these standards are being met. If service expectations are not currently defined, we can provide you with a number of options from which to choose. The statements range in scope from: Quality of care provided (including timeliness of service), to Satisfaction with physician communication. By tailoring the statements to your Medical Staff, we help you establish a benchmark from which to develop your improvement priorities. We recommend using between five and ten statements and encourage the inclusion of ALL physician groups in the survey process. In this way, the most comprehensive, useful outcomes can be achieved and consistent expectations will be reinforced throughout the Medical Staff.


Have you ever wondered which managers on your staff would be good mentors for new managers?

Use a Ranking of Managers for a Category or a Question.

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Medical Staff Morale Is someone unhappy?

What is the cost to the hospital of an unhappy Medical Staff member. What is the issue? How do you identify it? Will they sit down and tell you? Or are they more likely to respond to a well thoughtout survey?

Feedback Loops Surveys are a great tool.

Employee and Physician surveys are cost effective tools for gaining insite that may otherwise be filtered or skewed by layers of administration. Feedback that is gathered and summarized independently can be of immense value to Administration.

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