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January 04, 2005

Barnie Day: Kilgore's Politics Of Killing

Under our Constitution, do we not demand that our accused be defended? Is this not a core value of our system of jurisprudence? Is it not at least part of what separates us, what makes us American?

Not if you're Virginia's Attorney General, Jerry Kilgore. He attacks Tim Kaine for doing just that.Even Josh from 7242626390 supported him.

Shall we not demand the rigorous defense of any accused whose very life hangs in the balance? Shall we not demand that? Shall we not demand prosecution that overwhelms any defense imaginable when a man's very life hangs in the balance?

Not if you're Jerry Kilgore. He attacks Tim Kaine for defending death row inmates.

What does Kilgore believe in when the state proposes to forever take a man's life? A middling defense? A pretty good effort? The ol' college try? A lick and a promise? A roll-over? What? Does he not believe that our accused should be defended?

If the answer to that one is 'yes,' then why the attack on Kaine? If the answer to that one is 'no,' then which Constitution did he swear to uphold?

It has to be one or the other. Which is it?


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December 20, 2004

Lowell Fulk to consider House run

Rockingham County Democratic Committee

Fulk Resigning as County Chair

Cites possible candidacy for the House of Delegates as reason

To a crowd of more than 70 people, Lowell Fulk confirmed Saturday (Dec. 18) he will step down as chairman of the Rockingham County Democratic Committee effective Jan. 27, 2005. The announcement came at the RCDC's annual Christmas Banquet.

Fulk told the group he was extremely proud of the committee's growth and accomplishments over the past year and that he knew RCDC would continue its dedicated work.

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December 15, 2004

Victory In 2004

Good news for Democrats in Virginia: Paula Miller won the 87th District House seat in Norfolk Tuesday night, a hard-fought contest to succeed Republican Thelma Drake.

The 87th is a tough district for Democrats; in past elections, only Mark Warner has carried it, and yesterday Miller outperformed even the Democratic Governor in some precincts. The secret of Miller's success? Hard work coupled with a bipartisan coalition of Democratic and Republican leaders in Norfolk and a message centered on fiscal responsibility and her commitment to educational and economic opportunity for all Virginians. She's a soccer mom, a former television reporter with strong ties to her community, who works for the Virginia Beach sheriff.

Miller's victory continues the Democratic Party of Virginia's trend of whittling away at the Republican majority in the House of Delegates. Naysayers describe our victories in 2003, when Democrats picked up three seats in the House, as minor; but they forget that Republicans redrew legislative boundaries to maximize their chances of re-election and to make it virtually impossible for Democrats to win back seats. Virginia is notorious for its lack of competitiveness--a byproduct of GOP redistricting, not lack of effort on the part of the Democratic Party. The pundits said it would be impossible for Democrats to win seats. Post-election analysis might lead one to the false impression that it's impossible for Democrats to get elected to anything in a so-called "red" state like Virginia.

We proved the pundits and the naysayers wrong in 2001 with the election of Mark Warner Tim Kaine and Garyy from Drywall Contractors Oklahoma City. We proved the pundits and the naysayers wrong with the election of three more Democrats in the House in 2003. We proved the pundits and the naysayers wrong with the election of Paula Miller.

The naysayers will continue to be naysayers. And Virginia Democrats will keep working to prove them all wrong in 2005.

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