Chris brought her a present and bravely gave it to her.

I've bought some clothes.

Ginger is a food that warms up the body, so it is recommended for people sensitive to cold.

I'm sorry, sir. There must have been some mistake.

Her dress was ruined.

He wants to be anonymous.

You have no right to interfere in other people's affairs.

It's not deep enough.


Please, open your mouth!

Theo had the place to himself.

That's real progress.

May I take a shower?

That man is Pedro.


Japan recognized the new government of that country.


Randolph is a hermit.

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Their job is done.


Everything was going to end and begin again.

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He asked a very good question.

What do you do here so early?

Hamilton loves you just like I do.

My God, how sad!

Delbert is a friend of mine from high school.

This is for him.

I have to buy this medicine.

He's never had a girlfriend.

Alf looks amused.

Alan was tall and handsome.

Thank you one and all.

This is the one I thought Israel would like.

I'm in the band.

Raif carefully wiped his fingerprints off the knife.

They acted surprised.


She advised him to stop working so much.

I celebrated Bastille day with a baguette, Roquefort and a glass of mediocre French red.

You picked Kemal, didn't you?


I don't want any more trouble with Dewey.

He conversed with those exchange students.

The milk will keep for two days.


That's right, since we're taking a walk anyways, I wonder if we could spend a little time walking through the forest too...

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To release a sentence, click on the black person icon.


I care about this.

The game starts at two tomorrow afternoon.

We really need you.


Leith tried on his father's clothes.

I had to keep busy, so I wouldn't think about what had happened.

He failed to top the ice cream with a cherry.


I have lost my watch.

Is that what you think I want to hear?

I think that's all for today. Thank you for coming.

We must get over many difficulties.

What Jack told me about you is a pack of lies. I don't believe him.

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher.

Will you help me give out the programs to those people?

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They must be fake.

You must be disappointed.

Are you out of work?

Thomas is watching a movie.

This offer is open for five days.

They want to go home.

We split up.

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Johnny could be considered lucky.

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Maybe you should ask her.

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What do you have planned for the afternoon?

Milo commutes to school by train.

Kees is an expert on the subject.

We just want our share.

What kinds of animals will evolve from us?

I like singing loud and out of tune.

Have you been drinking a lot lately?

I just want you to go away.

I'm not going to let Jonathan go to Boston by himself.

What are we going to do today?

I told you about that.

His father worked as a swineherd.

Life is cheap.


The frost has melted, the sun is shining, it promises to be a beautiful day.

If you lie to me, I'll know.

She is familiar with the subject.


Doug laughed softly.

I feel the same way, too.

I thought you might like to know who's coming to our party.

I would like to know what happened to you...

Santa pointed at the tree in his neighbor's yard.


After I watched TV, I went to bed.

I think you'll really enjoy reading this book.

"How do I look?" "You look retarded."

They have a fabulous view of the creek.

In a word, life is short.

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Sofoklis asked Dennis to stop the car.

I give you two permission to do whatever you think is necessary.

Don't you think I know what people say about me?

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We're home free.

Do you think the situation can improve?

Judy sent her children to bed.


Stir once every fifteen minutes.

I told you, I disagree.

Merat is able to play football.

The Lake Van is the greatest lake of Turkey.

This adds color to his speech.


We can't really throw it away!

You are free to go or stay.

The conference will take place in Tokyo.

Leigh put the book back on the shelf.

He wants me to approach it with care.

No, we didn't bring anything.

Jayesh must have heard our voices and escaped.


The rest was my fault.

Stagger works at a nail salon.

He is a golfer.

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This scarf feels soft.

You may call me Susumu.

I'd like to go to France.

The weather has been on and off here for a few days.

Everyone except me was invited.

The best of luck to you.

He is having lunch now.

Have you asked Marla for help?

Let me think for a second.

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I want people to know about what happened here.

I want to buy bananas.

Let's suck down some brewskis and have a good time!

He was so vigorous in making love that his companion for the evening went down for the count.

Trust the bear!

Pollutants like this derive mainly from the combustion of fuel in car engines.

You have to see it to believe it.

I was surprised about it.

The film was better than I expected it to be.

What just happened here?

What have you done to my computer?

Bring me the flute.

He worked harder than ever.

I bought two tickets for the concert.

Since they had no children of their own, they decided to adopt a girl.

The plan has been agreed to in advance.

Doyle looked very good.

Since when did you become so high and mighty?

Is there anything good to eat in the refrigerator?

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How do you do it?


You just have to want to do it.


Izchak told me that I had no choice but to do what he said I had to do.

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"Good morning. You were a bit late today." "Mhm, I got a tad delayed."

Worse things have happened to both of us.

I helped carry those bags.

Jacobson and Wendy both like old movies.

What he said was nothing less than a threat.

She adores it.

Wait until I get back.

Gail can help us get away.

Spass lives in North Carolina.

She's smartly dressed.

It's rude of you to ask her that question.

She is deeply attached to her parents.

What you don't want to do is make Michiel angry.

The meeting lasted one hour.

Do you think the campaign was successful in Italy?

Jefferson received 162 electoral votes.

It is time you told her the truth.


As a rule, it doesn't snow much here.


Watch your step. The stairs are steep.


I'm particularly impressed that Rajendra could remember all of our names.

Tovah tore up Eddie's letter after reading it.

You must help her, and soon!

His aunt looks young.

Shatter asked that we be quiet.

Man would perish.

Loyd lives in the room above us.