Maximize Efficiency in Coaching

Do your case management, business development, journaling, and coaching

plans in one handy package to maximize efficiency and time.

A System to Serve:

People looking for coaching:

professionalCoach Velocity is more than a goal tracking platform, it allows you to connect with right coach that fits your needs.

For you, its completely FREE forever.

Independent Coaches:

man-and-woman-couselingKeep excellent client records and manage leads and market your coaching business all in one place. Provide your clients with cloud-based access to their coaching plans, sessions and activities, and an electronic journal. Help clients set goals and monitor their progress to stay accountable.

Coaching Companies:

coaching-companiesProvide your clients with cloud storage of their coaching plans, sessions, and activities. Store and convert leads and prospects into clients. Provide supervision and support to your coaches and teams in various regions.


organizationsHave better control over your coaching budget, monitor employees in coaching, provide leaders with the software to support leadership coaching internally. Provide HR team with the oversight to streamline coaching into your organization culture.

Team Leaders:

teams-leadersProvide team leaders with the oversight to monitor the progress of a team of coaches. Provide your coaches with your own branded software, coaching forms, and resources. Put lead management and business building to the top of your coaches’ mind and monitor the conversion of leads to clients.

Coaching Schools:

coaching-schoolsCapture student records, assign credits, keep track of who earned coaching credits, took mentor coaching, supervision, or continuing education credits. Provide instructors with a tool to keep accurate record of attendance and credits earned, graduation and student development plans.