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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing can be described as different types of marketing that involve the utilization of mobile phone technology to reach target audiences. Due to vast increase in smart phones, apps and mobile internet access, mobile devices are now key battleground in the quest for new businesses and customers‘ attention.


While computers have been personal items displaying highly adaptable personal and traditional contents over the years, mobile marketing is one of the next big things in today’s marketing world. And this is not far-fetched: Mobile is quite possibly the most personal channel that exists today—it lies in users’ pockets, sits beside their beds, and it is being checked frequently all through the day ensuring that they don’t miss a thing.


With most of the world accessing the internet for information from mobile devices nowadays, coupled with the unprecedented growth of mobile phone usage as well as mobile devices been an essential part of our lives, businesses have been provided with more opportunities to reach their market than ever before. This makes marketing on mobile incredibly important.


As a marketing channel that commands plenty of dedicated attention, it is imperative that marketers understand how to effectively and maximally market on mobile.


Types of mobile marketing


Mobile marketing is now beyond merely sending advertisements to mobile phones. There are particular strategies that must be followed. Like online marketing, there are many different types of marketing campaigns available for marketing on mobile devices. Strategies that would work better must be employed for different businesses.


The most important factors that determine the best strategy to be utilised are: the type of industry, target audience, and of course, budget. Below are described some of the most successful and common types of strategies that can be used to advertise sales, products and services via mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing: Text And Multi-media Messages (SMS & MMS)


Short Message Service (SMS) as well as Multi-Media Service (MMS) involve sending out information to large customer database in large batches. Text and multi-media messages can be used for the notification of events, coupons, new products, sales and services that may be of interest to customers. Companies can offer discounts or free services to customers in exchange for allowing them to send ads through SMS and MMS.

SMS and MMS as a marketing strategy is extremely cost efficient; only one text message can be sent to vast numbers of people simultaneously.


Push Notifications


This is a variant of text message marketing. It consists usually of pop-ups that are sent through apps on a user’s phone. Before a customer can receive push notifications of a company, the customer must have first downloaded the specific app of the company and also agree to receive their notification. Once the customer starts to receive notifications, they can decide to turn notifications off if the messages become disturbing.


Push notifications that have been found to have the highest rate of success are customer oriented, customized and offer alluring information that maintains customers’ engagement. At times, the company can utilize GPS location to send alerts to established customers based on their location in order to improve existing relationship.



Mobile Internet Ad


Another type of mobile marketing strategy is a platform whereby ads can be displayed when a mobile device is connected to the internet. These ads are mostly similar when compared to the traditional online ads. When employed correctly, mobile internet ads are very effective. Examples of mobile internet ads are the ones provided by Apples and Google.


iAd is Apple’s mobile ad platform provided for their devices- iPhone and iPad. It provides the privilege to advertise ads on Apple devices when users are within specific applications or browsing the web.


On the other hand, Google is rather essential as many users perform searches through Google and also make use of Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps among others. Also, Google ads can provide a vast selection of mobile ads solutions on devices with Android Software.


Quick Response Codes


QR codes are square black and white barcodes that can be scanned by a customer on a mobile device. After the code has been read and recognized by a mobile device, customers can get more information about the product represented by the barcode, as well as getting information such as discounts, promotions, etc.


Check-in Services


With companies such as Foursquare and Facebook providing check-in services, retail locations might do something special for Smartphone owners. With both services, customers can be offered badges and coupons when they check in to the target location. Check-in services have its limitations of the fact that only few Smartphone users are using location-based services. However, it can be employed by a company with young brand image as marketing through check-in services have been free when not taking into account the coupons offered to customers.



Bluetooth Marketing


This is a type of mobile marketing strategy which makes use of the Bluetooth technology which allows the delivery of SMS (or MMS) messages to mobile devices of various customers and potential buyers within a specific geographical location, all for free.

While this type of mobile marketing strategy is popular and employed among locally-oriented business, it faces its own drawbacks. The mobile phone users must be present within a specific radius of a Bluetooth enabled computer and also, they need to accept the message.


Mobile App Marketing


With the ever increasing widespread usage of Smartphone, app usage has also seen a corresponding increased. As a result, mobile marketers are increasingly taking advantage of diverse Smartphone apps as a marketing resource. For more download tendency, marketers must seek to increase the visibility of an app in the app store.


If a significant number of downloads can be achieved through proper app usage optimization, this will facilitate direct engagement, targeted advertising and payment. Meanwhile, just like every other services, a lot of competition exists as it is not all that easy anymore to rule the mobile application market.


The current streams of economic growth and progress highly depends on the wise use of technology and Mobile App Development is an example of such technology that is helping various companies and businesses in order to maximize profits.


In the past couple of years, the trend of mobile phones usage has increased at an unprecedented rate. Most of the companies have slowly but definitely concede the potential that Mobile App has in order to increase the interaction and relationship between a company and its teeming target customers.


A business must consider all the aspects of a Mobile App for its operation while planning to invest one. Firstly, a reliable and experienced company many be chosen to build a customized App that will suite the business as this would enhance the chances of success of such App and also limit the chances of any technical glitches that might subsequently emerge.


It must however be understood that an App can truly prove its beneficial potential of promoting businesses to a high extent if it is adequately developed and could be achieved by a potent service provider. Mobile advertising through mobile Apps platforms could be very efficient as about 80% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent while engaging witEfficien


Another good thing is that one does not necessarily need to develop the Apps by oneself to get into the action. There are services such as Google AdMob which businesses and advertisers alike can utilize to create mobile ads which can be displayed in third-party mobile Apps.


Facebook, Twitter and other social networks also allows advertisers to showcase ads which are integrated into their mobile apps. For example, Facebook and Twitter’s mobile Promoted ads integrate so easily with their news feed in such a way that users would not even realize they’re looking at ads.


In-game Mobile Marketing


There are different trends in today’s mobile gaming. Some of these are interactive real-time 3D games, social networking games as well as hefty multi-player games. This shows a shift towards more complex and sophisticated, richer game trends. However, there are also the not-so-sophisticated casual games, that is, games that offer simplicity and ease to play. Most of the mobile games of today are within the range of such casual games and this is likely to stay so for quite a long time to come.


Brands and businesses are now sending promotional and business information within mobile games and even sponsoring entire games to maintain consumers’ engagement. This is referred to as mobile advergaming or Ad-funded mobile game.


Advantages Of Mobile Marketing


Reach The Targeted Audience


The reason why mobile marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies is because every business wants to reach out to a particular group of consumers and mobile marketing campaigns can help in achieving that. To be able to reach mobile users, businesses need their phone numbers as well as the permission to send them promotional material. As a result, it has a limitation of the fact that only those who are interested in the business products and services will give their mobile number.


Cost Efficient


Mobile marketing has the ability of reaching more potential buyers at a considerably lower cost than most other conventional marketing methods such as TV or radio ads, handbills, billboards, among others.


Establish a relationship with your customers in the long term


The ability to be able to reach potential and existing customers at any time and at any place allows businesses to forge a relationship in the long term. By notifying them about promotions, special deals, sales, new product arrivals, etc., customers will feel special and appreciated. And customers who feel special treatments from businesses are more likely to respond to marketing campaigns.


Higher Response Rate

Mobile marketing generates a higher response and feedback rate compared to other marketing means such as e-mail campaigns. For example, it might take several days before a users access their e-mail but mobile messages on the other hand are timely and direct hence responses from the users are done in real time. It also increases return on invested plans and minimizes media wastage.


Easy To Track User Response


Users feedbacks and responses to mobile campaigns and ads can be tracked in real time, these can be tracked by parameters such as numbers of downloads, page visits, customer opt-ins, and many other means. The tracking method adopted will however depend on the type of mobile marketing strategy used. When these results are regularly monitored and evaluated, it can help in analyzing and understanding consumer behavior and constantly devise means by which services can be improved.



Mobile marketing offers efficient marketing to the targeted customers as they get promotional messages and information in real time. It is a highly targeted strategy which brings good results in terms of stirring the right feedbacks from the targeted customers. Unlike most other cost-efficient marketing options such as sending e-mails that probably have minimal effect because most of the mails are deleted even without being opened, mobile marketing strategies such as sending SMS is relatively effective as over 90 percent of mobile device users read virtually every SMS they receive.



Mobile has been termed as the future of marketing, but actually the era of mobile is already here. If your business is not implementing or considering to utilizing some kind of mobile marketing campaign, you are already threading behind as it is evident that more mobile users are now spending larger amounts of time engaged with their mobile devices more than ever before. It is expected that this trend will definitely continue even in the future.


A mobile marketing strategy is not a self-contained effort. It is a major part of any long-term and provisional marketing campaign and its importance is continuously growing. From strategies ranging from email, to concepts like PPC, to content, to SEO and social media marketing, there is always a mobile marketing channel that will infiltrate every part of your target audiences wherever they are most comfortable.


To enjoy thriving mobile marketing experience, businesses need to make their website mobile friendly. It should be developed in such a way that the users receive similar kind of experience they would get from a desktop computer. As a result, it should be designed in a responsive manner without meddling with the content. Mobile technology and marketing is not a fad that is going to fade away any time soon. Therefore, optimizing marketing strategy and campaigns for mobile will give business brands an edge over their competition. So don’t wait, go mobile today!