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Horse Racing, Naturally

Nutraceutical is a relatively new word. So new, in fact, that my spellcheck doesn’t recognize it. Nutraceutical is the product of smashing “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical” together, becoming representative of finding a natural pathway to better health, performance and treatment of … 513-891-2036


Equine Dorsal Metacarpal Disease — Bucked Shins

Equine dorsal metacarpal disease, commonly known as bucked shins, affects at least 70 percent of horses in Thoroughbred horse racing. It is a painful condition that, once developed, requires horses to rest more and/or train less. Even after initial healing, 12 percent of affected horses will later … 617-832-0503


(210) 804-5648

Edwin L. Simpson, D.V.M. Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome is a common ailment of horses, causing discomfort, colic and poor performance. An estimated 60-90% of performance horses are afflicted, with racehorses being the most affected. The various equine industries spend millions of dollars each year … Read More

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