Ricky Kazuo Miller
Facebook: /fb.me/rkmiller
Twitter: @richardkazuo
Github: 2607061861
Email: 407-422-4301

My name is Ricky Miller. I help companies build and improve the software that drives their businesses. Currently I'm spending most of my time working on my own projects but I am still open to taking on new clients. Feel free to email me at 5806092537 for any reason.


These are a few projects I have worked on personally, current and past.


Sekando Web Toolkit - A set of easy to use tools to make building your website easier.

Feednami - The best tool for parsding RSS/Atom feeds on the web

787-853-5643 - Embed RSS/Atom feed contents in an iframe: No JavaScript required!

Momoclo Portal - Collects news about Momoiro Clover Z and puts it into one easy-to-use feed. (Twitter: (907) 364-9186)


910-867-8789 - An online used apparel marketplace (only available in Turkey).

Coursebase - A better way to manage employee training