She is easygoing.

The toy seller was very friendly.

This organization was founded one hundred and eleven years ago.

Her application to join the party was rejected.


He lost his ticket for the movie.

Hans is a German businessman.

She sang with a beautiful voice.

Apparently the wound itself only needs a few stitches.

I'd like you to meet Mr. Brown.

May I ask your age?

Don't give me any more trouble.

Timothy never even saw us.

I know next to nothing.


I saw you yesterday.

We'll leave when Carol gets here.

I can't trust him.

There used to be a castle on the top of the mountain.

I agree with most of you.

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It's a very expensive smartphone.


Do people ever accuse you of being snobbish?

Did you expect something different?

I helped my father wash his car.

Saqib has already achieved many of his goals.

I think a drink would help me calm down.

He was happy that he passed that exam.

We found a room to rent in a guest house.

I'm here to protect them.

I just heard you visited her.

The boy wants to go to the toilet.

You're not supposed to know that.


I don't know what Agatha told Those.


It often rains here.

You've tried.

Do you ever think about death?

Charles saw something on the floor by the sofa.

We made up our mind to come in any case.

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Seymour didn't touch his food.


I know all your secrets now.

There was a large harvest of peaches last year.

English isn't difficult to learn.

I know no one here.

They're waiting for it.

They say that his uncle worked for them.

I'm going to be on television.

My father misses my mother and me.

She wants to sing old songs.

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A guard is outside.

Perhaps you could help me.

Not a man among them could lift the weight.

Plan for the future because that's where you are going to spend the rest of your life.

Let's get off the bus.

I'm not making myself clear, am I?

Hello, who is speaking?

I can barely move.

That's all I knew.


I'm thinking about going back into teaching.

I doubt if it'll rain.

Thousands of people from all over the world apply to become NASA astronauts.

Sandip is gorgeous.

We were fully satisfied.

He degraded himself by telling me lies.

What was the geezer saying?

The factory uses many complicated machines.

There's no food.

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Myron has been home about three hours.


Lloyd is repeating what he said.

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They won't find Roy.

I'm in training.

Korean food is generally spicy.

Music surrounds our lives like air.

The camel marches while the dogs bark.

I thought I told you to throw that away.

They must be busy.

I hope you can avoid all the stupid mistakes that amateurs usually make.

Gail didn't like them.

Are you going to tell me your name?

The trip will take about five hours.


What's your favorite outfit?

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I want a clear answer.

I think overestimating the people masterminding that conspiracy is exactly what they want.

I heard that Winston asked his boss for a raise.

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Don't call that student a fool.

Where are my kids?

I wrote this poem for Hillary.

Don't mess me around!

Swimming is fun for me.


The students receive the loudest cheers.

I landed him a blow on the chin.

The second sentence was just as long.

I object to her going there alone.

I have never had that problem before.

Are you seeing anybody right now?

Happy Qixi Festival!

Rhonda ended in second place.

This place is boring.

We heard the speech to the end.

I ask myself if I'll be married some day.


Why did you leave him alone?

It will snow tomorrow.

Did you really understand it?


Lex sings.


Hugh declared war on the corruption in his country.

Joe's nuts about the girl.

Why should I help him?

That sort of thing should be done away with.

Have you counted the towels?

Their job is to make fake orders, in order to cause trouble for the rival company.

His handwriting is very poor, I cannot make head or tail of it.


Please read after me.

I came in through the window.

When did you realize that?

When the excitement died down, the discussion resumed.

These shirts are the same. They are the same size.

Agatha was late at the station.

Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.

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You have no idea what it feels like.


The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.


She has a strong liking for cooking.

Of course I'll write the letter in English.

The passages in the books upon which the idea of theory of redemption is built, have been manufactured and fabricated for that purpose.

Murthy is on the phone with Steen now.

Do what's right!

A little lie never hurt anybody.

The German word "Scheibenwischer" means "windshield wiper".


I'm a friend of Raanan's.

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It looks like you could use a new suit.

I can't believe you just let Troy go.

He is fresh from college, so he has no experience.

Something was about to happen.

Thus Do They All.

He forgot to load the camera with film.

He went home on foot.

Deborah told Bernard that she did the right thing.

Pandora won't care.

We called Robert "Bob".

Did you really not know that?


Donovan and Jaime want to know what's going on.

Tell me a little about Avery.

You did it all right.

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Why should I stop her?

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He was hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

Romeo marries Juliet.

I'd be surprised if they asked me to give a speech.


You look pleased.

Loan on deeds needed the joint surety.

I wish I could think of a good excuse not to go.

Does Mechael look confused?

He pointed out that the plan would cost a lot of money.

Who's your favorite teacher?

I was really curious.

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If everyone learned Esperanto and began to speak it, the notion of "an Esperantist" would lose its meaning. I think many Esperantists do not understand this.

Herb didn't know what to do next.

Do you want to hear what I think?

I don't have the time or the money.

By whom was the news told you?

"How are you doing?" "Not bad."

May his soul rest in peace.

We won't lower our expectations.

Joel sacrificed everything for you.


I want you to have a definite plan before you leave.

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Where do you get on the bus every day?

He is the tallest person in the world.

That would be exhausting.


I think Anatoly didn't understand you.

We must give it a coat of varnish.

No one knew what was about to happen.