Growth Capital for your Business

If we were to make a list of the things that keep a CEO up at night, the need for additional growth capital is typically in the top 5 items, if not at the top of the list.

Raising capital in the US has become much more difficult over the past 20+ years for early stage companies.  We hear of Angel investors or Family Offices that are inv...

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Should I raise Debt or Equity Capital?

Raising capital for a young business is tough.  Really tough.  When getting started, most entrepreneurs have a short list of family, friends or business associates that provide the initial seed capital.

But for a company that now has a proven product or service, with revenues and more contracts coming, now the capital need is greater t...


Looking to Sell your Company?

You’ve worked hard and built the company.  Now you’re thinking that it’s time to harvest some of the value that you’ve created.  Do you sell all the company?  80%?  30%?  What are you looking for in a buyer?

Selling a company requires a series of very important decisions.  Jeff Villwock, CEO of Lanier Securities has substan...

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Coaching CEOs is the most rewarding thing we do -- both for the CEO and for us both personally and professionally.    What do we mean by CEO coaching?

When a CEO begins to consider the possibility of selling some or all of the business, all of a sudden an avalanche of questions begins to often overwhelm.   Is my business ready for a...



The endorsements below are for Jeffrey Villwock for work done prior to Lanier Securities. Other clients may have a different experience. The testimonials are not a guarantee of future performance. No compensation was paid for any of the testimonials.

  • We partnered with Jeff to help us grow and sell our business.  In just two years, Medway Air Ambulance’s sales went from $10 million to $24 million.  He then represented us in the sale of the company.  His input was critical to our success.  It was great to work him.

    Rick Moore, CEO of Medway Air Ambulance
  • It’s been a privilege to know and work with Jeff.   Smart, creative, and simply a good guy to do business with.

    Rick Matros, CEO of Sabra Healthcare REIT and former CEO of Sun Healthcare and Regency Health Services
  • Jeff Villwock has a deep understanding of the changing health care system and the forces driving it. He sees the emerging trends and his observations are always helpful.

    Joe Hutts, Chairman of LegacyER and former founder/CEO of Phycor, Inc.
  • C3 Capital has engaged Jeff on several diligence projects to help us understand the viability of the business, the dynamics of the specific industry and the assessment of the management team.  His input has been extremely valuable to us in making a decision to move forward or not.  In looking at companies in the health care space, we would not move forward without Jeff on our team.

    Pat Healy, founding partner, C3 Capital
  • Mr. Villwock’s counsel had been invaluable to me over the years he served on our board.  He has a global mindset, clear financial insight, deep understanding of organizations and how to maximize value to customers.

    Stacy Rinehart, Founder and CEO of MentorLink International
  • Few executives enjoy Jeff’s breadth and depth of background. Decades of experience in the capital markets arena have exposed him to countless management styles and strategies. Today, he brings this knowledge to help managements and companies to see and realize their opportunities to grow. His insight and integrity make him and outstanding business partner.

    Donald Hultgren, President of Three Part Advisors and former CEO of SWS Group (Southwest Securities)
  • I have known Jeff since the early 1990s. In 1997, when I left the Robinson-Humphrey Company to enter the venture capital world, Jeff moved into my former position as the Senior Health Care Analyst at the firm and we continued to work together.  He is highly regarded by his peers for his knowledge of the healthcare industry and for being able to find creative solutions to complex financial and strategic issues. Working with Jeff is a great pleasure, and I look forward to working with him on many more transactions in the future.

    John Runningen, healthcare investor and former leading sell side analyst (Commenda Capital)
  • I have known and worked with Jeff for more than twenty years and have always valued his advice and opinion on matters relative to capital formation and related strategies. He is also a good friend and a very fine person.

    David White, Chairman and former CEO of Iasis Healthcare, a leading hospital company
  • Jeff Villwock has been an invaluable advisor and confidant as we pursue deals in the healthcare arena, a big area of focus for JLL Partners. He has for many years been a leading thinker in the area and his breadth of experience has made an enormous contribution to our great results in the area. We recommend Jeff to our friends and partners at every opportunity.

    Paul Levy, JLL Partners
  • I have known Jeff since we were both sell side analysts during the 1990’s and have joined him in presentations to industry executives on the future of healthcare financing. I have always found Jeff to be thoughtful about what can be in healthcare and having performed the research essential to support his thesis. Jeff is a consummate professional and a trusted colleague who provides cogent and timely advice to his clients.


Becoming a publicly traded company is the dream of many CEOs.  The JOBS Act provides companies with a new, and potentially better alternative for smaller businesses.

Historically small companies either went public through a reverse merger into a public company (most likely a shell with little or no operations), or filed an S-1 for an un...

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Lanier Securities’ investment banking practice is headed by Jeff Villwock, a 40 year veteran in the securities industry. He has completed billions of dollars of transactions in his career, and for the past 15 years has specialized in mergers & acquisitions – generally in the $25-500 million size range.

At Lanier Securities, our i...

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Affordable Housing in Baltimore


An affiliated company, Community Redevelopment Fund, Inc., was formed to help rebuild inner city neighborhoods while at the same time providing investors with what we believe is an excellent investment opportunity.

CRF, Inc. manages pools of investment capital.  The capital is used to purchase vacant, often dilapidated homes.  These ho...

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Corporate Consulting

Corporate consulting, from corporate finance advisory services to public company poison pills, Mr. Villwock has extensive experience working with CEOs of both small and large, publicly traded companies.

We have worked with companies to create or refine growth plans, redesigned financial reporting to attract bank and other financing, crea...

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