Free Business or Personal Profiles

Easily list your prices and link your work from major social media sites. No one can contact you except for requesting the services you’ve listed. You can also choose to hire users alone without providing any services, it’s up to you!

For artists of all kinds

Over 25 Artistic Fields and Genres for users to both provide services in and hire from.

No Ads or Cluttered Feeds

What you see is what you get, Quickly find who you need without any distractions and get straight to business.


At Artist Connect we've taken the experiences of those in and out of the industry to make the entire creative process profitable, accessible and easy for artists of all kinds.

Artist Resume

Automatically Updates and Maintains your Artist Resume with a history of all the jobs you’ve completed.

OVR system [Patent Pending]

Artist Connect automatically increases your rank in search results based on how often you provide services using the new OVR [patent pending] system. At the same time we rank who’s potentially more reliable to hire in your search results.

Secure Payment System

Safe and easy payment options with escrow and deposits. Keeps records of all chats to help prevent disputes and maintain agreements. Powered by Braintree™ a PayPal company.

Why Choose us

Built from the ground up by An Audio Engineer, we aren't just a networking app, our company's primary focus is the artist mindset, their safety, and their concerns when creating new art or providing services in their Artistic Field. We have gone through virtually all the potential scenarios and have made what was once a long drawn out process, now quick and streamlined. Our goal is to continuously make it easier for artists to thrive and to open creative doors that weren't available before. Let's take art into the 21st century with Artist Connect.

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Our Team

Gibran Malik

Creator & Architect

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Evan Coleman

Lead iOS Programmer

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Artist Connect is a mobile app currently available for IOS that allows users to create a profile to hire or sell services in over 25 artistic fields.

While other music networking apps allow you to find people to potentially work with, Artist Connect works to build and maintain your work resume’ as an artist.

Using our patent pending “OVR” system we [just like a credit score] use several factors to automatically rank you higher in search results including each time you successfully provide a service through our app.

Instead of looking only at “subjective” star/number ratings and reviews, Objective Value Ranking or “OVR” is a new patent pending system that uses a unique algorithm that determines your “objective” value among others in the app within the same artistic field and then ranks you higher or lower in search results based on that value.

The main factors are..

1. How many different users paid you for services in your artistic field.


2. How many times you were re-hired and paid by the same people for services in the same artistic field.

The more you work in the app, the more Artist Connect will show you on top when it comes to reliability and experience to the very people looking for your kind of talents to hire 24/7.

Artist Connect can only mark those transactions that have gone through the app platform. By making sure everyone pays you through the app you constantly improve and maintain your rank and reliability among those in your artistic field, bringing you more opportunities and increasing your potential workflow.

Besides being able to quickly hire an artist for an event or other job, You also build up your hiring statistics each time you successfully pay an artist for a service in the app. Artists will likely look at your hiring stats when they only have the time to choose one job over the other and pick the user who has hired more users in the app.

The app is free to use. Artist Connect only charges a 3.5% booking fee per transaction.

You can use your debit, credit, paypal, apple pay or venmo to pay users. Receiving payments can be sent to your bank account via routing/account number or your Venmo email.

Our payment gateway is powered by Braintree™ which also powers other major apps in the market today. Artist Connect does not store any banking information.

Users have to go through several verification steps in order to make a profile including linking their profile to the one they have with the same name on an authenticated major social media site that also has a catalog of their work.


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