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About me

I am a self-motivated, results-driven software developper based in Montreal with more than 4 years of experience. Proficient full-stack developper, I love to work on new projects while learning. I love building things and I embrace new challenges. When I'm not behind my computer, you can find me outside, running or skiing, depending on the season. I am currently not looking for a full-time job because I am still at school. I'm always looking for exciting stage experiences, though.

My personal interests include
• Deep learning. What an exciting time for machine learning, right?
• Skiing. I love going down the slopes.
• Track & Field. Been running for over 12 years.
• Surf. Never had the chance to surf in the ocean, though.

My strengths include
• C#
• Java
• Swift
• HTML 5
• Many More...

What I Do


What I Do

Custom Software Development

Anything to fit your needs!

Web Development

Of course, that design will be responsive!

Mobile Applications

'Cause we all about apps, right?

Project Planning

It all starts with a good plan.

Cool Projects


Cool Projects

Interested in collaborating?

I’m always open to discussing new products or partnership opportunities.

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