Vic gave Luis an engagement ring last week.

This method has its pluses and minuses.

This matter must be clarified.

The waitresses are young, pretty, sexy and well-dressed.

This must be a joke.

In the long run your interest is better served by benefitting those below than those above.

Please stop kidding around.

Without your advice, I would have been at a loss.

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Stop daydreaming.


The man didn't feel like walking all the way; so he took the bus.


I'm sure Kimmo will do his best.

Gunnar acts like he knows everything.

You are in Boston.


I believe you'll get through the problems.

We could not bear to listen to the sick child's pathetic cries.

I think I need both of these.

But, the extraordinary homeliness of her gait and manner, would have superseded any face in the world.

It's no good making the same old products year after year.

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The universe exists only because of life, and everything that lives feeds itself.

Don't be disillusioned.

Andrew arrived on time.

What lovely flowers you brought.

How could I refuse?


I've already retired.

She's the breadwinner in this family.

Though he was poor, he was happy.

I need to go to the gym.

This plastic chair is cheap.

I like him best of all the teachers.

Our teacher made us clean the room.

This is a real surprise.

Right feels wrong and wrong feels right.


When did they register the names of the members?

Nigel wasn't able to provide an alibi so the police arrested him.

Our professor paid the bill for all of us.

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I swear, Hsi. You have to believe me.


I only slept two hours.

I'm a high school math teacher.

I've already returned the books to the library.


In December I'm going on vacation in America.


Pollution is bringing devastating consequences for the regional ecosystem.

Sue doesn't know when Will will leave for Boston.

I hope Jinny likes me.

Mario walked down the path, whistling a happy tune.

We got drunker than ever last night and I woke up in the middle of nowhere this morning.

I plan on finishing that in two or three minutes.

Tell me when he will come.

I figured that would make you laugh.

The mother fox was worried while she was eagerly waiting for the boy fox's return. When the boy returned she pulled him to her warm chest and was so happy she wanted to cry.

I'm looking for a well-trafficked place, somewhere that draws big crowds. What would you say is the best place to do business in this area?

Lynn doesn't want to appear weak.

For a moment, I was left speechless.

She picked up her books.

Let's not ever do this again.

I know where Marek left his umbrella.


The only secret that women can keep is the one they don't know about.


I only need a minute.


Please show me another.

How long have you been watching me?

She thinks they are too short.


I didn't really enjoy that.

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A young man is singing in front of the door.

Everyone needs to find their own path.

I try not to eat too much junk food.

I don't live with my family.

If you goof it up twice, I suggest hightailing it to Moscow or someplace.


He says he has never told a lie, which is a lie.

I figured that might be the case.

I'm in a little hot water right now.

She was born with underdeveloped lungs, but eventually a few steroid shots set her straight.

As it is cold, you may keep your overcoat on.

I can't see well.

Only they know what they are saying.

I'm looking for my gloves.

Cezanne is famous for his landscapes.

It's said to be very dangerous.

You, too, my son.


Eating meat is bad for the environment.


A judge must obey not the king, but the law.


Kristin really came through on that one.

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How did your day go?

That has to change.

Max has a small dick.

I'll take it now.

I wanted to study French.

Can't I get any privacy around here?

You are the doctor.

We awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the trees outside our room.

We arrived here fast, didn't we?

His friend knows an ex-Senator.

Put the meat in the refrigerator, or it will rot.

You look handsome.

Kemal gave Ravi a big hug and a kiss.

Let me tell you what I can offer you.

I was disappointed in her.

He's in a rough spot.

His name is Marilyn and he lives next to the post office.

I do this work for free, simply for the pleasure of doing it.

The festival is free.

Do you ever sleep?

Matti and Lea dyed some eggs for Easter.

Do you think I'm shallow?

Elias isn't a stranger.

The guardsman was assaulted by a robber.

My phone needs to be recharged.


Morgan is there alone.

Maurice was my boss three years ago.

Stuff today and starve tomorrow.


Don't you ever speak to me like that again.

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Show me some respect.

Doctor, please give this child first aid.

One of them spoke to me.

You told Jeffrey that he was adopted, didn't you?

It's too early to tell anything.

Hy handed Bernie his cell phone.

Your dreams will come true.

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Were you two close?


What time is it in Paris now?


Dylan put the key in his pocket.

I have a pressing engagement elsewhere.

He tried to sell the boss the new idea.

When was the last time you ate dinner with your parents?

A secret policy document was leaked to the newspapers.

That's correct.

The young girl lost her bracelet.

Everything in its right context.

Dan said he could sleep in the basement.

Eileen prepared supper by himself.

Krzysztof explained the problem in detail.


I want her out of my life.

Horst took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

This hat is cheap at 1000 yen.

He was young.

This is a film that everybody should see.

How long have you been a police officer?

Do you like white chocolate?

I'd like to see Gideon, please.

What is your occupation?

He has committed suicide.

In this book, the writer contrasts Japan with America.

I do not know every one of them.

In today's world, we have to equip all our kids with an education that prepares them for success, regardless of what they look like, or how much their parents make, or the zip code that they live in.


It's not easy writing a love letter in English.

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If I am busy then I may arrive late.

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He took my umbrella without bothering to ask.

They went to Van Buren's house for dinner.

Sofia hasn't shown up at work yet.

You were my best friend, Shel.

It was a great loss for me.

Give my best to your wife, Svante.

I saw the old man feed his dog chicken bones.


Nobody needs to get hurt.


I prefer to bath in the morning.

Art made us a promise that he didn't keep.

Wasn't that Saad back there?

He answered that he knew no French.

She and I usually have the same opinion.


She has as many stamps as I.

Winnie came to America as a stowaway on a ship.

Huey drinks a lot of milk.

If you drink, don't drive; if you drive, don't drink.

If you say so.


I considered Scot.

Wives usually outlive husbands.

Mongo sat down and crossed his legs.