He expressed his thanks to us all.

Ralf had a funny look on his face.

Kaj was afraid that people would judge him.

We will sharpen the knives.

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Number eight is "hachi" in Japanese, as it reminds one of "hatching from an egg."

I know you miss them.

My aunt treats me as if I were a child.

I'm not as much of a loner as I used to be.

The two countries formally initiated diplomatic relations.

Sergiu isn't really interested. He's just being polite.

Mosur's new gadget is cool, but useless.

Jones is coming home from work.

Floyd means exactly the opposite of what he's saying.

I don't trust the administration.

You need to tell me the truth.

The plane made a forced landing.

Amedeo seems to be drowning.


I swim every day.

It was five years ago that I graduated from college.

Helge was angry because Urs was ignoring him.

Jingbai threw the Bible in the fire.

Three times four is twelve.

He made his way to presidency step by step.

Her explanation is a little convincing.


Why don't you just ask them?

Nanda was impressive.

They're not married.

They must've known this would happen.

All the color went from Per's face.

I haven't heard from him since last June.

Let me check my wallet.

She likes all of us.

She is putting on weight.

The American Senate quickly approved the treaty.

Dirk almost died.

I must cancel our appointment.

If I act weird around you, it means I'm comfortable with you.

The news filled her with sorrow.

They came in full force.


Kieran didn't need to come at all.

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Malcolm is very tolerant in his attitude toward religion.

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She offers an alternative vision of home.

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The only reason to be a human being, is to be.

He can't even read, let alone write.

I am proud of my son.


I am nervous and scared.

Translate a few proverbs into Esperanto about eating and/or obesity.

Half a loaf is better than no bread.

It was time for a change.

Jerald has to get back home.

When he ran into difficulties, he asked his parents for help.

My door is always open. Feel free to visit when you want.


The desires of evil people mess things up.


Isn't it better to get drunk and cut loose once in a while and blow off the tension of daily frustration?


You won't get any sympathy from me.


Syun didn't learn anything in school.

She will surely be enjoying a hot bath at this hour.

When the prince stepped over the threshold he caught sight of a maiden of wonderful beauty, with brown eyes and fair curly hair.

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The Swiss Franc is soaring.

I think you should help her.

Nhan said that Earl never called.

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I think Eugene will do great.

We'd do anything for them.

Mr. Tanaka is one of my father's fishing companions.

Juergen always had a back up plan.

I deserved that.


What are your thoughts about Japan's economy?

We've got another one.

Please call back.


Will you give this to us?

What time does the next train leave for Tokyo?

What kind of job is he fit for?

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Why doesn't Anne like this hotel?

I warned her to stay away from him.

What is all this rumpus about?

I hate them now.

Kriton never knew what needed to be done.

Alf doesn't want me there.

I hope he will make good in his new position.

Where's your safety deposit key?

It can't take much longer.

And who would not have done the same?

Bea watched Anne as she left.

Marla can speak French and so can I.

I have never been kissed like that.


She's afraid to talk with strangers.


It was very hard for me to find your apartment.

I think you think too much.

You were Christopher's accomplice, weren't you?

He thought he would kill himself.

Theodore asked Cris what she thought she needed.

We all live in the same dorm.

What can be more important than that?


Japanese cultured pearls have come to monopolise as much as 60% of the world pearl market.

Put that stuff back in the box.

He bought his son a camera.

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It'll take too long to explain.

Tal and Nici went on a safari and saw many animals, such as lions, giraffes, zebras, and hippopotamuses.

You seem disappointed.

They are eating their apples.

That boy speaks as if he were an adult.

Ami had a good job.

Stop it!

Is your mother here?

She took the jewel to her manager.

How can you be sure it'll work?

Sridharan didn't just sprain his ankle. He broke three of his toes.

I have to prepare for the English test.

Ambulances don't have to stop at red lights, but they usually slow down.


She looked back on her childhood.

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Noemi couldn't go anywhere without his dog.

How is Lanzarote?

They helped one another with their homework.

I'm a very independent person.

That's a happy sound.

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The exercise took years off me.


Mom let the children eat cookies.


He repaired the nets.

Myron doesn't realize what Hirotoshi wants from him.

I'm not asking you to change your opinion.

I don't know why I have to do this.

Let's see if you've learned anything.

I ordered you to get out.

I like English better than I like mathematics.

That hurts.

He copied his friend's notebook with precision.

They assemble planes.

Jackson fought to hold back his tears.

I hope Rolf finds happiness in his life.

You're not pretty.

I'll never talk to them again.

A good dress is a card of invitation, a good mind is a letter of recommendation.

I'm never going to get this.

My girlfriend is from Boston.

We eat every evening at six.

We do anything we want.

The measurements must be precise.

I haven't eaten pizza recently.

This is a restricted area.

We were both pretty busy at that time.


When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.


She saved a hundred dollars.

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My cat is suffering from the heat.

Do you think Theodore really intends to do that?

I adore you.

What's the safest way to defuse a bomb?

People lie every day.

We have to get them.

All in all, this was a nice party.


The government made an announcement to the effect that taxes would be raised.

Just tell them I'm a consultant.

If it were not for this defect, I should hire him at once.

It's too late to help him.

I think you were better looking with long hair.

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What's the first question that comes to your mind?

She isn't as good as she thinks.

He looked as if he hadn't eaten for days.

I don't want anyone to panic.

The letter was consigned to the wastepaper basket.

He's brighter than they are.

The station is 100 meters away.

To hear is to obey.

You two are brothers, right?


The car has been acting strangely.

Who are we?

Where's Dublin?


Curt never gives up.