The guys are cool.

She needs a towel.


Try putting yourself in my shoes.

All of us stared at her.

Should we make the suggested changes?


We need to fight against women's oppression.


They're always wrong.

A fox smells its own stink first.

This grass needs cutting.

The Norman's guard is impassable.

Is this data accurate?

This book is full of dirty jokes.

You're methodical.

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I can't make ends meet now.


My leg's gone to sleep, so whatever you do, don't touch my leg now.

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This is out of control.

Well, that's upsetting.

Tell me you didn't see that coming.


He lends money at a high rate of interest.

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Isn't that what you want?


But for my family, I would not work so hard.

I didn't want to be presumptuous.

That's not allowed!

The odour was disagreeable.

We arrived three days ago.

Kirk is intimidating. When children see him, they all run away.

I couldn't sleep, thinking about it.

Generally speaking, teenagers of today have less respect for their elders and for authority, than was the case fifty years ago.

I was afraid that you had failed.

What language do you two use to communicate?

The first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult.

School starts next Monday.

Dan accepted Linda's invitation to dinner.

The Democrats haven't decided on their candidates yet, but in any case they're sure to lose.

The place is certainly worth seeing.


All kinds of food and drink are delicious and good for you, but you have to know when, where, and in what quantity.


Richard is as handsome as you said he'd be.


Adam's birthday was yesterday.

I only just saw the accident.

Sandy was a little confused.

It's an anachronism.

Luc has given Scot several gifts in the past three weeks.

The rain shows no sign of stopping.

Should we stay or should we go?

Dan knocked Linda unconscious and dragged her to the basement.

I don't think Ragnar would do something like that.

The photo artist had trouble expressing himself.

Look, there's a whale breaching off the starboard bow!

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Look at this large map of America.

And the master of the banquet tested the water that had been turned into wine.

I don't have to worry about my weight.

What are their names?

Don't drag me into this.

I put the gifts in the attic.

They go to church on Sundays.


I'll call you in the morning.

Fay agrees with me.

If you want any more wine, go to the cellar and get some.

This restaurant is particular about cutlery.

Do I need to sign anything?

Ask only questions that can be answered with yes or no.

Why don't you study French?

They say that he knows the secret.

I thought that he would come.


Eve drinks only coffee.

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Let's make this quick.

Dancing is prohibited.

It rains in early autumn.

I'm sorry, we're sold out.

That must never happen.


Is your neighbour sexy?

Do I have to answer that?

I didn't do well on the test so my parents chewed me out.


The whole family helped harvest the wheat.

Naim actually likes Rakhal.

Could you come back a little later?

The doctor made his patient relax before the operation.

Hi! I'm new here.

Today was a good day, so I'll sleep soundly tonight.

We need to get out of here.

Blake is very attractive.

I think I was the one who suggested that.

Portugal is a country of emigration.

The government is promoting the use of domestically made products.

Lui can read the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Is everybody having a great time?

The tunnel was closed to traffic.

Stephen is waiting for everyone else.

Bring Murray next time.

He tried to put me off with more promises.


There is something in my eye.

I don't know what the plan is.

You need to leave now.


The great end of life is not knowledge but action.


The island is situated five kilometers off the coast.

Would you like to go abroad?

Sandeep is waiting for you at the front door.

Duncan used to be obstinate.

Where are the police?

She has been dating him for about two years.

You asked all the right questions.

Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour. / Beneath such dreamy weather. / To beg a tale of breath too weak / To stir the tiniest feather! / Yet what can one poor voice avail / Against three tongues together?

Food arrived on the table.

Only I can save you.

If you want to run, then run.

I wish you hadn't come.

She listened to music for hours.

It is a fact that smoking is bad for health.

That's something we've been working on.

We are having a whale of a time.

The basic idea of Esperanto is the humanist concept of creating a joyful world where life is a pleasure. A world in which travelling is a sparkling delight full of discoveries.


In spite of our congratulations, he frowned and turned away.

My sister is having a baby in June.

Stephanie is funny, isn't he?

It is more than five years since I last saw him.

The people got excited at the news.

Sugih would've liked you. It's too bad that you never met each other.

Dan immediately took a liking to Linda.


Am I so very different?

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Swimming at night is dangerous.

Ragnar has a few screws loose upstairs.

I put the kettle on the cooker.


The statesman and writer is dead.


I'm looking for a gift for my father.

Kusum told me how he got his nickname.

I'm pretty sure Brandi has left town by now.

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You should've called.

He became a nice young man.

Duke has been sick.


Two ice creams, please.

I don't feel like drinking vodka.

I can't wait to tell Clem.


How embarrassing!

That's exactly what Clem was afraid of.

When did you last look someone in the eyes?

He met one of his old friends on his way back from the station.

Johan can sing a few French songs.


To deny sustenance to the Army of Northern Virginia, Sheridan determined to take the entire harvest of the Shenandoah Valley.

I don't want her to come.

Part won't be showing up at all.

Paul talks a lot.

Moore assured us that he'll have that done before Monday.

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I would often take a walk before breakfast.


You have to leave.

He played an excellent host at today's party.

Sergei is completely confused.


The police think that Rajesh poisoned her husband.

Our plane was about thirty minutes late.

Her manners are not those of a lady.


The burglar was traced by one of the things he had left on the scene.

Blaine didn't even tell me.

What did you give Harold on his birthday?

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Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.

I'm afraid Sanche isn't here.

As things have turned out.


I was happy for Pratap.


One can acquire this book only in a store.

Do you need keys?

I saw your name and posts in an English forum and took the liberty of reading your profile.

I haven't met both of his sons.

Mats is a terrible salesman.


Your opinion is far different from mine.