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Kriton wouldn't let Samuel kiss him.

Why are we whispering?

She is a new addition to the teaching staff.

Audrey started the coffee brewing, then checked his email.

I have a paper glass.


This button is loose.


There aren't any signs that Barrett has been here.

I think Lawrence is going to die.

Rajiv has stopped coming to school.


I'm just trying to have a good time.


Kieran was here all day.

He opened the bag's zipper.

They blamed President Hoover for their situation.

Sridhar kept silent.

You gave me the most wonderful present.


She is too meek.

The cerebral cortex is made up of gray matter.

He did not realize where it had come from.


My brother's widow has married again.

Let's talk before fighting.

Both Claude and Pieter were impressed.


He can cook as well as his wife.

Rakhal hasn't fried the meat yet.

Whose golf bag is this?

I've never seen Gerard like that.

I don't think Magnus wants any help.

Italy, Romania, Portugal, and Greece joined the Allies.

I can't quite believe that just happened.


That was my idea.

Show me the stone that broke the window.

I knew you were alive.

He is said to have been very poor when he was young.

Why are we sitting here?

Once the Sultan ruled over today's Turkey.

I know you're working for us.

Ami will answer your questions.

Could you turn on your headlights?

My mother usually relaxes and sleeps after lunch.

There was a tower on the top of the mountain.

Casey doesn't seem like himself.

I've started teaching my kids to surf.


I guess I just needed some rest.

Many events happen in convents.

I just wish I knew why Kim wasn't here.

Put some coal in the oven, so that the milk will start boiling.

It never should've happened.


Pierette was accused of putting something in Herb's drink.

I guess you're still pretty mad at me, aren't you?

My parents quarrel.

Bad milk tastes sour.

Caleb and his children watched in awe as the magnificent old steam train thundered past.


Despite being a sunny day, it is cold.

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It was only an informal party.

It is already a little late for that.

I hope it will change.

There was nothing we could have done.

It's about time for him to get here.

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This book is so easy that a child can read it.

They ran naked in the park.

From the beginning of the Perestroika, many starry-eyed members of the intelligentsia believed that from now on, everything with us would be "like in the West".


Micah is quite egotistical.


Sriram says he'll do his best to finish the job before next Monday.


I'm glad you weren't hurt.


I was given this watch by my uncle.

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Football was played in China in the second century.

The wealthy family built another large house.

His plan will call for a lot of money.

His illness caused her great misery.

Were you serious?

All the kids I grew up with could swim before they started going to school.

I'm worried about Victoria.

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Don't be late for school again.

Dan left a lot of evidence at the crime scene.

Every non-trivial program has at least one bug.

How do I get to the used bookstore?

I can take this to her.

I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.

Denis has the rank of captain.

The manager suggested that I go with him to the airport.

I should never have let you go.


You look very self-assured for someone who's obviously lying.

You're a good singer.

She just told me.

Darci said that he was eager to eat lunch with Nadeem.

I've locked myself out of the room.

I'll be back in a couple minutes.

I'd never seen Willie drunk before.


My mother gets along with my aunt.

The present state of the city's finances is not good.

I must be missing something.


The pain has mostly gone away.


Sehyo decided to help Carlo.

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Is this not a good time?


The sight memory organ is below the hypothalamus.

The shop assistant went out of his way to find what we needed.

What a man!

How much does she need?

We're not going anywhere today.

It's not a problem to postpone the meeting.

I'm optimistic.

Allow me to help.

If I had all the time in the world, I'd build a boat and sail to Fiji.


Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my true character. Love is my name.

He kissed me on the cheek.

This is your responsibility. It's not the kind of thing you can laugh off.

"Why are you grinning like that?""That high school girl we just passed is really cute."

Can I touch it?

Gunnar couldn't quite believe what was happening.

I still think we should've invited Allen to go with us.


What's the problem today?

How often do you do things out of spite?

I don't want you to tell him.

I still don't like the way Taurus treats Kaj.

Ahmed doesn't live with his family.

We ran out of gas.

CK should definitely go Sony!


I'm afraid I can't do that. Leaving the cooker while frying is completely out of the question.

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I will inform Tran.

Do you already know whether you will go to the beach afterwards, and, if yes, when?

Would you like me to draw you a diagram?

Do you eat meat or are you a vegetarian?

Maria hasn't watched the news yet.


She's a really nice person.

Much misery came about because of the typhoon.

Dan dumped Linda's body in the river.

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Have you ever tried Japanese food?

The customers were made to wait outside in the rain for several hours.

Pablo and Yvonne rented a house by the sea.

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I respect your opinion.


The man is a woman.

He died, so we might live.

I'll never forget the soft and moist skin of my lover on that summer night.


I missed the train by thirty seconds.


Lin said he wanted to talk to you. Is that why you're here now?


This is your pilot speaking.

This car belongs to them.

Let's talk over a cup of coffee.


Thanks for helping.


This dish has a bit of garlic flavor.

Do you go with us?

I'm sure of my rights.


I'd like to sit further back.

In 1764, the British Parliament approved the Sugar Act.

The hall allows children in only on that day.

I'm not through with her.

For example, what would you do if you had ten thousand dollars?

We've allowed for that.

I was very alarmed when I saw a stranger in my backyard.


Send her down.

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The man I trusted betrayed me.

You should build a fire under the kid.

Ranjit knows Kelvin's phone number.

Does Patrice want me to say something?

This is what he says.


Rebecca is just doing his duty.


If there were no air, people could not live for even ten minutes.