We listened to her for some time.

None of us is so foolish as to believe that he was telling the truth.

These towels are different colors.

I don't think you need to tell Thierry anything.

He's a real character.

I'm proud to be a Quebecker.

The sun faded the lettering on the sign.

After the fire, the smell of smoke remained in the air for days.

I don't have any plans for tomorrow. I'm going to take it easy.

My girlfriend is crazy over Forever 21, but at least it's cheap.


We've just finished lunch.


It doesn't taste as good as it looks.

I think Mosur hangs out with Jerry too much.

What makes you cry like that?

Susie doesn't speak Japanese, and Daniele doesn't either.

Whales are similar to fish in shape.


Be sure to hand in your homework by tomorrow.

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He is acquisitive of knowledge.


I can't change this.

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Maybe that's what I need.

Marco should be able to get it done by Monday.

Why are women such bothersome creatures?


Looking for somebody sincere, open-minded, thoughtful.


Ann has more energy than a pack of squirrels.


It was actually a lot more fun than I expected it to be.

There is a dense population of young people around here.

I was at a loss what to say.


Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas.

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I can go next week.

When is school out?

When will your train arrive in Kyoto?


Mac has wavy brown hair and blue eyes.


Do you know that boy who's crying?

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Doyle had an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

While American methods are often successful, the Japanese educational system that produces the most literate people in the world surely has some lessons to teach the U.S.

They would pretend to hate him.

This lid is so tight I can't open it.

What do you do after dinner?

I thought I was your best friend.

I'll let you make that decision.


They have made a little paper plane.

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The inspection was quite perfunctory.

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Things have changed around here.


Come back in five minutes.


Why don't you ask him?


Don't worry, I will protect her.

I'm really bored right now.

We need you here.

You must take this medicine, whether you like it or not.

My answer to the problem came out wrong.

I should have listened to you. I'm sorry.

We arranged the books according to size.

They called.

Which side are you on?

So there's no love lost between them then?

He did not keep his word.

Her mother has made her what she is.

All she received was a slap on the wrist.

Who said you could sleep?

I know almost nothing about it.

After supper we went to the river and observed the night sky.

Famous vibraphonist Stefon Harris has recorded at least one balafon solo.


I love the people in this town.

Laurence considered his options for a moment.

I had no idea you were planning on going to Boston.

You said you loved him.

Sorry for the delay.

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I was in the hospital last week.


Lederberg had made a name for himself by demonstrating how bacteria exchange genetic information.

Jim found Leila very friendly.

You can't believe a word he says.

I believe that Sridharan is not guilty.

Didn't it ever occur to them that they would be punished?

All are happy in my family.

Vivek says that she can't fall asleep without her favorite stuffed animal.


He was born in Athens in 1956.

She is not herself today.

Vassos doubted that Amos would call back.

I'll buy a watch for my son.

Can you listen to me for a minute?


That problem isn't important.

What's your favorite sport to watch?

What's Boston really like?


I doubt the truth of his story.


I wonder what Brett told Niels.


Jake quickly threw the ball in to his teammate.

I'm sure I'm missing something.

Detailed maps for this area have not been drawn.


Hiroyuki must get up early.

Some things are better not said.

I think you should get a haircut.

Maybe we should do something about that.

I will make you regret your words.

We can't tell her and her younger sister apart.

I will return at 6:30.


Let's have a party.

There are lots and lots of people who speak Spanish, but not as many who speak Esperanto.

I don't want them to do that.

Whoever wants to learn to ride a horse must first learn to mount and unmount correctly.

A little nap and, just like that, I'm as fresh as a daisy.

You're the one who gave us all this.

You're a daring man!

He is deep in study.

We'll find her.

I got my driver's license today.

Have you paid the electric bill?

"Are these dishes gluten free?" "Yes, of course, all of our dishes are gluten free."

Are you sure you're all right?

I didn't know about the accident.

I'm married to him.

Could you bring me another hot towel?

Is the richest country in the European Union richer than the richest state in the United States?

Dinner is probably ready, so we had better hurry home.

Did you find them?

He bade her adieu forever.

Are you still upset about that?

All you have to do is try hard to master English.

I know a man who has many faces but only one hat.

What did Darrell expect Darci to do?

Is the only good light that of the moon?


I need a key to open a box.

The trip was really fun.

Price came close to breaking an arm.

She makes careful choices when she buys clothes.

Norbert overslept and missed the bus he usually rides.

German and Japanese government bonds offer negative interest rates.

He was quick on the draw and shot him before he even got his hand on his holster.


How are you getting on?

I love the way you sing.

Deborah knew something strange was going on.

Can you get by on your wages?

He always makes cynical remarks to me.

What are some foods you usually eat with chopsticks?

Let's not forget.

You'll like it.

Bush only fought evil.


He learned to swim.

Alison is playing outside with his son.

The company is in financial trouble.

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Good luck, Agatha.

That's only part of the truth.

I think he will soon catch up with us.


Do you think I can't handle this?

Everybody knows that old trapper.

When we started out in the summer of 2010, there were only three of us in the band.


Everyone respects Del.

How do you know something isn't true?

You're from Boston, right?

He is Sandayu Momochi.

You're not answering my question.


Luis wasn't very hungry, so he didn't eat much.

It's for you.

She never gets invited to parties.

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When did Mott wash the car?

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Moses turned right when he should've turned left.


We need to be prudent.

We talked about many possibilities.

I want to know all about you.

How do you like it?

Isn't that your shirt?