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Welcome to Wassmer Properties 2017-18

Established in January 1979, this year marks Wassmer Properties 37th anniversary for providing affordable academic housing in the closest and safest neighborhoods surrounding the University of Kentucky for students, graduate students, staff and faculty of the University of Kentucky.

With a property to fit any student's budget, Wassmer Properties continues to provide alternatives to the spiraling cost of University of Kentucky on-campus housing, both in the on-campus dormitories and the UK apartment complexes.

The demand for private student housing around the University of Kentucky has resulted in the development of apartment complexes in areas prone to property crimes and violent crimes. Wassmer Properties houses, apartments and townhomes are all located in Lexington's safest neighborhoods. All our buildings are located on or near Woodland Ave and the Woodland Park/Chevy Chase neighborhood.

Wassmer Properties buildings are all located within four blocks of the University of Kentucky's main campus. Many of our apartments/houses are closer to your classes than even the UK dormitories at Gregg Page or Commonwealth Village.

Our apartments are certainly closer than the remote Commonwealth Stadium student parking lot that is both inconvenient and expensive. In fact currently for 2016-17 a Commuter (C) permit or a Residential (R) parking permit is $296.00 a year/$37.00 per month and we all know it is going up in August 2017, probably to over $40.00 per month!!

Make sure you add this parking permit expense to your calculations when you think you are saving money by living far from the UK campus. The Commonwealth Stadium parking lot is where you will have to park your car should you rent an apartment that is further away from UK than walking distance.


Why You Should Lease From Wassmer Properties
  • 1

    Wassmer Properties owns a dozen apartment buildings that are all located within four blocks of the University of Kentucky main campus. 90% of our apartments are situated off Euclid Ave (Avenue of Champions) and Woodland Ave near the W.T. Young Main Library.

  • 2

    Walkability is a key factor in why Wassmer Properties is 100% full every year. Even the UK website says that none of the newer UK student apartment complexes on South Broadway, Red Mile Road or Angliana Ave are not less than 10-minute walk.

    Students, remember you will be doing this walk to and from campus at least twice a day spending 15 minutes plus each way so for over one hour you could be out in the heat/rain/snow/cold walking back and forth to campus.

  • 3

    The UK 2017-2018 dormitory rates are posted on the 6143600803 website:

    • $4,287.00 per semester (4 months) or $1,071.75 per month in a two bedroom suite at Boyd, Haggin, Holmes, Jewell, Lewis, Woodland Glen I, II, III, IV or V
    • $3,761.00 per semester (4 months) or $940.25 per month in a four-person suite in Donovan, Haggin, Johnson, Roselle, and Smith.

    Every single one of the Wassmer Properties apartments is LE$$ than all of the UK 2017-2018 dormitory rates! The housing rates quoted above do not include the mandatory dining plan that starts at $1,464.00/$366.00 per month or resident parking permit ($296.00). In fact, for our lower rental prices you get a full kitchen (not just a small microwave and a mini fridge), a living room, private bath, dishwasher, and your own bedroom with parking right outside your door with no additional parking permit fee all parking is included in the monthly rent!

  • 4

    The University of Kentucky Police Headquarters is located on the corner of Rose Street and Euclid Ave (Avenue of Champions). Our apartment buildings are less than four blocks from the UK Police Headquarters. All of our buildings are on the SAFE SIDE of the UK campus. None of our buildings are near the sketchy areas off South Broadway and off Red Mile Road. In fact, there is a new casino on Red Mile Road and we feel that will only increase the problems in that area.

  • 5

    In 2016-2017 the cost of an R or K parking sticker was $296.00 to park at the Commonwealth Stadium. If you are a resident of the north side dormitories you have to take the UK campus bus two miles in both directions to reach your car at the stadium parking lot. All Wassmer Properties apartments include an on-site parking lot and a 12-month (August to July) parking permit is included with the monthly rent.

    Many students remember or have stories of the unpaid UK parking tickets and trying to register for classes the next semester. Your roommate/friend "forgot" to tell you they got a parking ticket when they borrowed your car to get to class/library one night. So until you pay that parking ticket you cannot register or get your grades! Don't put yourself through this hassle again.

  • 6
    This Old House

    Many, many UK students think renting an old house near campus would be so much fun. Most of the time this turns out not to be true. The old houses that surround UK are not insulated very well (landlords don't pay the utilities) and most have single-pane windows and drafty doors. The student ends up paying to heat and air condition the great outdoors. The plumbing in the old houses is mostly worn out and it is possible to wait 5 minutes for the toilet to fill or your shower pressure is just enough to get your head wet. Also, by having a house near campus there are always people over to visit or park in your yard and your grades are bound to suffer.

  • 7
    $22 million new Kroger Store on Euclid Ave

    In January 2015, the newest Kroger superstore opened on Euclid Ave. This new Kroger is 3 times the size of the old Kroger and has the freshest produce, meats, etc in Central Kentucky. Right next to the new Kroger is the Chevy Chase shopping area with banks (ATMs), drug stores, Starbucks, Domino's pizza, etc. All of this is in walking distance to all of Wassmer Properties apartment buildings located directly down Euclid Avenue (Avenue of Champions). If you choose to live in an apartment off South Broadway, Angliana Ave or Red Mile Road you are NOT located near ANY grocery stores, banks or drug stores. EVERYTHING you need will force you to make a trip in your car.

  • 8
    Don't let the bed bugs bite

    Wassmer Properties apartments are unfurnished and we do that for a reason. Our apartments all include stove/oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and some with washer/dryers BUT we never include used sofas, used chairs, used beds, used mattresses, etc. The bed bug outbreak is all too real and we do not feel that this is a very safe option for students. Wassmer Properties cleans all of their units between residents with steam heat on our hardwood floors and steam clean (not chemical/dry carpet cleaning) all our carpets. Heat over 140 degrees is known to kill bed bugs.

  • 9
    No roommate matching here

    There are horror stories all over UK campus of "the weird roommate" that students were matched with. There are stories of the roommate who "borrowed" the other roommate's car keys and wrecked the car. Or the roommates that were matched and then "the weird roommate" borrowed your $150.00 text book (you were matched since you have the same major) and then "left" your text book at the library. Or "the weird roommate" who didn't steal your credit card but took a cell phone photo of it and then used your credit card number to go shopping on the Internet, right before they headed home at the end of school in May.

    Wassmer Properties think that the actual students themselves are the best judge of who is and is not a good roommate and we let all our residents bring in roommates of their own choosing.

  • 10
    Use your student loan wisely

    There are estimates that over 60% of the UK students are carrying some form of student loan debt. Now it is time to make a list of your UK priorities. Do you really need to take borrowed student loan money and spend it at an apartment complex with a swimming pool (open only 90 days of the year, May 30th - September 1st), rec room, gym, tennis courts? Not only are you spending borrowed money for facilities you may or may not need or ever use but you have to pay your loan back over the next 5- 10 years with interest! Don't mortgage your future. Everyone has wants and needs. Rent only what you need.

    Do the math. Add up the cost of UK campus dormitories, mandatory meal plan, parking and compare. You’ll find that private housing is an attractive option — and we don’t kick you out for semester breaks at Christmas/New Year's and Spring break.

  • Finally... Do the math
    Add up the cost of UK campus dormitories, mandatory meal plan, parking and compare. You’ll find that private housing is an attractive option — and we don’t kick you out of your apartment for semester breaks at Christmas/New Year's and Spring break.

  • A word about Yelp

    Yelp's algorithm rewards companies that advertise with them. Wassmer Properties has refused to advertise on Yelp. Wassmer Properties does not support Yelp. In turn, Yelp does not support Wassmer Properties.


Find Your Apartment Home in Lexington For 2016-17

One-Bedroom Apartment Building

FREE on-site parking, full-size microwaves, dishwashers, laminated wood flooring, double-pane insulated glass windows and insulated metal doors with deadbolts. Landlord pays city 100% of water, sewer and garbage fees.


Sorry, Leased until end of July 2018

Large one-bedroom apartment: $900.00 per month or $450.00 per roommate per month

  • Apartment is 1920's with all-oak hard wood floors, 4 closets, wooden balcony off the back for sun and BBQ grill
  • Rent does not include natural gas or electric bills.
  • This is a BIG, BIG one-bedroom apartment which will easily fit a couple
  • Apartment has a brand new washer and dryer

More Details

Two-Bedroom Apartments and Townhouses

FREE on-site parking, laminated or hardwood flooring, double-pane insulated glass windows and insulated metal doors with deadbolts.

477 East Maxwell Street

Sorry, Leased until end of July 2018

Two-bedroom townhouse: 1,250.00 per month or $625.00 per roommate per month. Unit has a dishwasher, washer and dryer

  • All hardwood oak floors
  • Central heat and air conditioning
  • Front porch with porch swing
  • Balcony off master bedroom
  • Two wood-burning fireplaces
  • Woof! Meow! This apartment is pet-friendly

More Details

235 Woodland Avenue

Sorry, Leased until end of July 2018

Two-Bedroom, one bathroom apartment

$600.00 per roommate

  • Apartment is 1930s with all oak hardwood floors
  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Balcony located off living room facing Woodland Ave
  • Woof! Meow! This apartment is pet-friendly

More Details

223 Woodland Ave

Sorry, Leased until end of July 2018

Two bedroom, one bath townhouse, $1,150.00 per month or $575.00 per roommate per month

  • Central Heat and air conditioning in an all brick townhouse
  • Townhouse has a full size washer and dryer
  • Located just one block from Woodland Park
  • Woof! Meow! This apartment is pet-friendly


Three-Bedroom House

FREE on-site parking, laminated or hardwood flooring, double-pane insulated glass windows and insulated metal doors with deadbolts.

(403) 917-9855

Sorry, Leased until end of July 2018

Three Bedroom house: $1,200.00 per month or $400.00 per roommate for a complete one-story house with off-the-street-parking in the rear of the house.

  • House comes with a full-size washer and dryer
  • Woof! Meow! Pet-friendly house with a completely fenced-in front yard
  • Two wood-burning fireplaces, one in the living room and one in the master bedroom

More Details

(905) 228-6133

Sorry, Leased until end of July 2018

Three-bedroom apartment: $1,200.00 per month or $400.00 per roommate per month. There is a smaller additional bedroom/office/study room. Could possibly be a four bedroom.

Extra large (over 2,000 sq. feet) 3-bedroom apartment from the 1920's with all hardwood oak floors and loads of closets and storage space.

  • Kitchen has a full size dishwasher, full size microwave, self cleaning oven, frost-free refrigerator
  • Apartment also has a full size washer and full size dryer included


Four-Bedroom Apartment Building